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Mission: Not to save souls but to set them free! To proclaim the Good News of Freedom in Christ from under the burden of the legalistic religion. To heal the blind, the deaf, the mute, the paralyzed, the leper...everything within that prevents us to fully live our life. To drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings concerning your worth, that were forced to you from without. To raise the souls who were dead to themselves back to life. And no poisonous words of the snake-tongued people can hurt you any longer...for we speak the new tongue of love, from heart to heart.(Compare to Mark.16:17-18)

Vision: New, fresh wind, wind of freedom, is blowing; new creation has begun in Christ  and man is its instrument - God is no longer without, high in heavens, but within our innermost hearts: same spark of Divine Life has been laid down on the foundation of every soul. It may enlighten our thoughts, warm up our hearts, and kindle our will; and once flamed up, it may again be united with the Highest Fire. Everyone will experience the Spirit individually, yet we can understand one another. Future is for the religion of the Holy Spirit: Spirit unites people with invisible bonds, from within. (Compare to Acts 2:1-4)

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Scandinavian branch of the Mystical Order of the White Rose since 2011; online-monastery, Monastery of the Heart...for contemporary Mystics.

Name "skete" comes from Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and it refers in its earliest form typically to community of - usually - monks, living in huts grouped around a small Church, a sort of miniature monastery under some larger monastery. Monks can live as hermits, each practicing their own prayer rule apart from others. That's why it well depicts our Ministry. Besides, "Scandinavian Skete of Mary Magdalene" has got alliterations and it sounds good - that is all; no mystery there.


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