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Christian meditation

Christian meditation, article by Jack McCoy

Christian Meditation Techniques

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Guide to Centering Prayer

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The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

The Goodness of Life

The Voice in the Stillness: An Overview of some Christian Ways of Meditation

The Wonder of it All

Three Minute Meditation

Wikipedia: Christian Meditation

Focussing Our Minds and Hearts

How can we stay in solitude when we feel that deep urge to be distracted by people and events?   The most simple way is to focus our minds and hearts on a word or picture that reminds us of God.  By repeating quietly:  "The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want," or by gazing lovingly at an icon of Jesus, we can bring our restless minds to some rest and experience a gentle divine presence.

This doesn't happen overnight.  It asks a faithful practice.  But when we spend a few moments every day just being with God, our endless distractions will gradually disappear.

Henri J.M. Nouwen



A Lutheran Rosary

Anglican Prayer Beads

Can a Lutheran pray the Rosary?

Christian Prayer Beads

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Full Rosary Prayer Card (pdf)

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Is the Rosary more about Mary than Jesus?

Jesus Prayer Rosary

Martin Luther on Mary

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Picture Beads: Meditate on the mysteries, with a picture for every bead of Rosary

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