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Faith and Worship, prayers and liturgies

Why humans address the Lord?

"What is the main reason why humans address the Lord? To get him to arrange their affairs and fulfil their wishes. How long will they carry on behaving like demanding, capricious children? When will they understand that they ought, on the contrary, to be asking to accomplish his will, to serve him and take part in his work?
Maybe the Lord also needs heads and arms… So, from now on these are the prayers you must address to him: ‘Lord, you have already given me everything and more; I ask nothing from you. I pray only that you allow me to serve you and take part in your work.’ What joy you will give the Lord and his angels when you do this! From among the multitudes of people asking for all of heaven to mobilize to satisfy their selfish needs, they will spot the signals you are sending them with your light, and they will say, ‘At last, here is someone who has understood; let us welcome them among us.’"

« When we pray to the Lord, we connect to him, but what is the nature of this connection? If we do not try to raise our ordinary level of consciousness when we are addressing him, if we have only personal demands to make of him, our affairs may in fact improve, but not necessarily because the Lord intervened to improve them& or to make them worse either. God allows events to unfold according to the laws he has established. And if humans who want to satisfy their ambitions and their greed set wheels in motion and then catch a finger, an arm or a foot in them, they alone are responsible for what happens; God is not punishing them. Nor does he reward those who strive to walk the path of light. They have attracted blessings to themselves because of their behaviour.
Why then should we pray? Prayer is a force we set in motion, and this force affects certain centres in our brain. Then we receive not only light, clarifying the events we are experiencing, but also inspiration to do what is right. » Omraam Mikhael Aivainhov

Change of inner state

"You will often have noticed how those people for whom prayer is a natural, spontaneous response are better equipped than others when faced with suffering and misfortune. Because they are able to struggle free from the darkness and heaviness of the earth and address the heavenly powers, they experience less bitterness and discouragement.
Some of the trials we have to live through may be related to the collectivity and be impossible to avoid. Take war, for example: during a war, no one is spared one way or other. But those who pray, who call on the power of the spirit, change their inner state, and even if outwardly events are the same for everybody, where others around them allow themselves to be overwhelmed, these people receive help from the light. And thanks to this help, they can also support and encourage others."
Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

Two types of prayer

"There are two types of prayer.
In the first type, the person asks for certain things to happen and attempts to tell God what he should do. This does not allow the Creator either time or space in which to act. God - who knows perfectly well what is best for each of us - will continue to do as he sees fit. And the person praying is left with the impression that his prayer went unanswered.
In the second type, the person may not understand the Almighty's intentions, but he allows his life to develop according to his creators plans. He asks to be spared suffering, he asks for joy in the Good Fight, but he never forgets to add: "Thy will be done."
This is how the Warrior of Light chooses to pray."
Paulo Coelho

What we should ask from God

"Great thoughts and a pure heart - that is what we should ask from God in our prayers." J.W. Goethe

Strengthen your spiritual life

"You will sometimes hear it said: 'What difference can it possibly make to the course of the world if we pray for this or that? After all, the world runs according to fixed laws that we cannot change!'
Now, anyone who really wants to get to know a power must seek it in its right place. We have looked for the power of prayer in the human soul and found it to be something that advances the soul.
And anyone who knows that it is the spirit that works in the world, and that the human soul is part of the realm of the spirit, will also know that not only material forces operate in the world according to external laws; rather, everything of the nature of spiritual beings has effects in the world, even though the effects of these powers and beings are not visible to the outer eye or to materialistic science. So if we strengthen our spiritual life through prayer, all we have to do is wait for the effects. They will not fail to come. But only those who themselves have become aware of the reality of the power of prayer will look for the effect of prayer in the external world." Rudolf Steiner


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