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Do you know Reiki? If you don't or if you are suspicious about it, check out this site "Reiki for Christians".

I experience a flow of energy as a kind of prayer: like an essence of pure love and grace - the Holy Spirit itself! In fact, a Japanese character for "Rei" means universal, wind, spirit; "The wind blows wherever it pleases" (Jh.3:8) - "wind", Pneuma in Greek, is also a spirit. And "Ki" (Chi, Qi), life energy, has been used as a translation for the Holy Spirit!

Don't expect any particular results: God knows what you need most, and it might not be what you think it is - just like with a prayer!

Reiki effects on all levels: body, soul, spirit.

Even if you didn't think Reiki is for you, don't judge others who have found it an effective part of their spiritual life.

To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.(Phil.4:20)

We want to guide our international visitors, who wish to receive Reiki distant healing, to contact global network that our webmaster is a member of (there is a section for pets too!):

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