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I must be Virgin Mary and carry God in me
If he's to grant me glory unto eternity.

Angelus Silesius

Mother Mary

Apparitions of Our Lady

Association of the Miraculous Medal

Becoming a Mother

Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary Anointing

Chohan Lady Mother Mary (pdf)

Divine Mother

Fifth Marian Dogma

Free Brown Scapular

Free Gifts from Fatima

Free Our Lady of Grace/Hail Mary Holy Card to download and print

Have a candle lit or rose placed - Medjugorje

Holy Mother Prayer Book

House of the Virgin, Ephesus

Immaculate conception: Re-interpreting the Virgin Birth; virgin mind

Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary Reiki Distance Course

Inspirational Articles on the Virgin Mary and Jesus

Maria Kannon: Christian version of Buddhist Deity in Japan

Marian Apparitions: meaning and purpose

Marian ecumenism

Mary as Goddess: Virgin, Mother, Queen

Mary in Christian Tradition

Mary Links

Mary Resources Page

Mary's Gardens

Mary's Message of Love

Mary's Month Activities: How to honor Our Lady in May

Mary Spirituality (pdf)

Mary's Priestly dimension

Mary Within Us


Mother Mary - Christian Goddess of Compassion

Mother Mary/Healing Mother Issues Email Reading

Mother of All Peoples

Order of Maria Rosa Mystica

Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pictures of Our Blessed Virgin Mary

Request Free Fatima Water

Sacred Wind: Mother Mary

The Age of Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Brown Scapular

The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Goddess Rosary

The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary

The Mary Page

The Order of Ave Maria

The Order of Mary

The Rose: A Marian Symbol

The Virgin Birth by Martinus

The Virgin Mary

The World Mother as Symbol and Fact by C.W.Leadbeater (pdf)

Understanding Catholic Devotion to Mary by Thomas Merton

Why is Mother Mary important today?

Wikipedia: Ecumenical Meetings and Documents on Mary

Witness the Many Faces of Mary

Divine Feminine

Blessed Mother Apparition

Ecumenical Companions of Sophia

God as Mother in India

God as Tender as a Mother?

Jacob Boehme, Sophia and the Androgyne, and the Russian Sophiological Current

Mormon Goddess - Heavenly Mother anthology


O Mother of the World

Order of the World Mother

Restoring the Mother

School of the Feminine Divine


Shekhina; The Feminine Aspect of God

Sophia Foundation

Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

The Centrality of the Divine Feminine in Sufism

The Divine Feminine: Word and Photo Essay

What became of God the Mother?

Wikipedia: Sophiology

For Rosary, see "Meditation and Rosary"!

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