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Our Brothers and Sisters, Animals

Chaplain of Pets

How to Attend and Hold a Pet Blessing

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The Monday Candle Ceremony

Vegan Peace

High Price for Cruelty

"How do most people view animals and behave towards them? The way they exploit certain species is really disgusting. They will not shrink from any kind of cruelty to obtain their flesh, their fur, their hide, their horns or any other part of their body.
But humans are doomed to pay a very high price for their cruelty to animals. The causes of wars may appear to be only political, economic and so on, but in fact they are also the consequence of all the slaughtering of animals that humans are guilty of. The law of justice, which is implacable, forces them to pay with their own blood for the blood they have shed through killing animals. How many millions of gallons of blood shed on earth cry out for vengeance from heaven! And as this blood turns to vapour it attracts a multitude of larvae and lower entities from the astral world, poisoning the earth's atmosphere and perpetuating conflicts. Humans want peace, or so they say, but so long as they continue to slaughter animals they will have war. This is a truth that is not known and may not be accepted. But not accepting it will not change anything: humans will be treated the way they treat animals. "

What animals teach us

"The busyness of the bee and the ant, the piercing gaze of the eagle, the regal demeanour of the lion, the patience of the ox, the strength and memory of the elephant, the loyalty of the dog – the list of qualities that animals have come to symbolize could go on and on.
Animals are God’s creatures just as humans are and also have things to teach us, and it is not without reason that some animals have been elevated to the rank of divinities in certain religions. Animals do possess particular characteristics, character traits, which can find an echo in humans, awakening beneficial qualities in them. And Jesus, who said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect’ also said, ‘Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.’ "

Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

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