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This website is built and hosted for free - advertising makes that possible; that means, we are not responsible of choosing the adds, and they may not nesessarily represent our values!

This service was chosen simply because it's easy - we can focus on contents instead of technical details - and we don't have to make money to keep it up.

Don't let it fool you to think we are not serious about this! We are very committed to our spiritual cause, and that's why exactly money can not be an issue!

In Finland we are selling few products to collect money for the needs of our meeting group, mainly for organizing a summer trip. These products include resin incense and charcoals, and Rosaries. But we sell them also for charitable purposes. In our monthly meetings we receive vonluntary donations as well.

We need money

"We need money to live, of course, but not very much of it. It is the impulses of the lower nature – sensuality, ambition, the will to power – that make humans so grasping and greedy. Their higher nature does not demand money. It requires only freedom, infinity, heavenly splendours, which money cannot give. Money is of no use to the soul and spirit, as it has no power to dispel inner darkness.
So look closely at yourself, and know that if money is important to you it means you are in the grip of your lower nature. In order to escape it, you must seek light, expansion of consciousness and love for the Lord. When you seek the light, you already have gold – yes, the gold found in the spiritual banks – and thanks to this gold you will be able to ‘buy’ the best of everything you could wish for in heaven’s shops. "

"Money is undeniably one of the main preoccupations for human beings. From one point of view, it is only natural, since it affords them their survival, but the danger is that eventually they become obsessed with the idea of money: they no longer see other people’s good qualities, and they become demanding, hard and cruel. Making a profit is all that matters.
But to be completely indifferent to money is not good either. All those who believe that in order to be spiritual they have to live with no material concerns actually become burdens on society, parasites. So long as we are on earth and things are organized the way they are, we need money. Perhaps in the future we will be able to do away with it and replace it with love; yes, for love is a currency that surpasses all others. But humanity has not yet reached the point of accepting such a currency, and since money will be current for a while yet, we must learn to think about it rightly so that we do not fall into any of its traps."

Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

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