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Dear visitor!

This website was created in the beginning of the year 2008, under the name of "Magdalene" - both Finnish and English sections existed right from the beginning, but first it was mostly an attempt to attract especially LGBT-people for new prayer and discussion group that was planned, in Tampere, Finland.

When that failed, the group was started anyway with only two people in September 2009, and it met regularly twice a month at the local church for several years, but its target group was extended to cover all interested people, regardless of sexual orientation, among other things.

Group's starting point was Christian with ecumenical approach; theology was not to be discussed, but rather the aim was to share our hearts and minds with one another in supportive atmosphere, everyone being equal and listening just as important as talking; the first hour of meeting was reserved for that, with tea and biscuits. The second hour was for common meditation and prayer, which unites the participants with invisible bonds from within.

We tryed many different methods, from Rosary to Centering Prayer. The Bible was also studied every time, but from personal perspective: what does the Word say to me, right now, using ancient Lectio Divina meditation. It was liked and very fruitful, giving new insights.

The group was never big, and in the fall 2012 we only met once a month, and in 2013 we decided to turn the group from open to closed one, and no longer meet in public place but private homes, when agreed. That turned out to be the end of our group altogether.

Along with this development this website was growing and became more important and idependent of the actual group it was created to promote in the first place. It has evolved with its admin's spiritual life and reflects his interests at the time. Especially since becoming an affiliate for the Mystical Order of the White Rose in 2011, it is no more particularly "Christian", even if many themes come from the Christian tradition (yet we have always acknowledged other paths based on peace and love, and followed sincerely), and more openly embracing mysticism - the very core of all Faith traditions of the world.

As to the Bible, we hold the view it is valuable source of wisdom, divinely inspired maybe, but written down by men over long period of time - thus certainly not the book of law or code of conduct, neither book of history or science. Whenever "the Holy Book" contradicts one's conscience, it is the book that should be abandoned! And it is not supposed to be used as a weapon against anyone. The Holy Books of other traditions are equally worth reverence; The Bible is just best known among Western culture.

The Old Testament is the book of the Old Covenant, book of myths and poetry, symbols and allegories. Also despite of his undeniable merits, St. Paul was just a man; his Christology is timeless - yet just theology as theology of our time - but in his moral opinions he was product of his time and culture. The Central figure is Jesus Christ, who by his teachings and model questioned religious authorities with their old ways and rules.

How radical he really was, is clear if we think how only a few people ever have followed in his footsteps - taking, for instance, uncompromising stand against all actions of war; rather, his demanding words are often tried to be explained away! This alone proves the reality of Jesus and truthfulness of his message.

We see Christ as Universal and Archetypal figure. He's not sole possession of "Christianity". "Believing" in Him - or actually in doctrines made of Him - is not a guarantee for anything, nor does repeating his name give you any privilege. We don't make claims for the "one and only truth" - there is no such a thing even among Christians, who too often fiercely attack their fellowbelievers.

Nothing on this site is authorative, all views are offered for your consideration, and you are free to choose what speaks to you and ignore the rest. We are not so much interested in theories and speculations. Our English site mainly provides international resources for wide variety of spiritual perspectives and practices.

As you can see, our logo (cup with heart and rose) is not very original; in fact, it is universal symbolism, just like we draw from various traditions.

What we are not: A secret society for the few chosen ones, or official organization with hierarchical structure and set of rules. Neither we are church, and we certainly are not fundamentalists, nor charismatics - more like antithesis of that. We are against dogmatism.

Fact is, both Mystical Order of the White Rose website, and Scandinavian Skete of Mary Magdalene website, are each run by one single person only. There is no huge international network behind us.

Note: This website is no longer active.

See also: Founder introduction below in sidebar.


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